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  • Road Safety Statement Progress Report published

    A new progress report from the Department for Transport charts how the individual aims and strategies which made up the original vision of the Road Safety Statement have been taken forward and what has been achieved. Read more

  • Summer safety – preventing drowning and cold water shock

    With summer sunshine tempting children into the water, the Local Government Association (LGA) is warning about the risk of drowning and cold water shock and highlighting the need for children to be taught about these risks. Read more

  • Learnings published following button battery death independent investigation

    The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) has published its independent investigation into the death of a three-year-old who swallowed a button battery. The report makes recommendations in three key areas – public awareness, product safety and clinical decision making. Read more

  • Fire safety in the home

    As part of the Government’s commitment to help prevent fatalities and injuries from accidental fire, the Home Office has relaunched their communications campaign to keep people safe in their homes via their Fire Kills initiative. Read more